Ruby Frankcombe

Best lifts in competition: 127kg squat, 58kg bench, 145kg deadlift, 330kg total in open 72s.

Coach: Sophie Kuncio

I’m a social worker by profession but current role is Operations Manager of Child Youth Families, for a national not for profit organisation. 

What got you into Powerlifting?
I’ve been training and lifting weights with my coach Sophie for a good four years now. I’ve been watching Sophie compete for years and it had always been at the back of my mind but it was only when I saw Isobelle Loh compete in 2018 that I thought ‘I could have a crack at this’.

What’s your best lifting memory?
It is still probably hitting my first 100kg deadlift in Sophie’s garage back in 2016. I watch the video back now and I almost look scared of the bar!! I think it’s my best memory because it’s symbolic of who and where I was at that point in time and also represents how far I’ve come both physically and mentally.

What are your pre-1RM rituals?
I think there are two types of lifters before a 1RM those who need to get hyped and those who need to get in the zone. I’m a more in the zone lifter. I need a good tune with a good beat, no one to talk to me, visualise the lift and amp my mind up. Watermelon lollies are also an essential ritual pre- 1RM.

What are your favourite hype-up songs for lifting?
Bulls on Parade by Rage Against The Machine or Ten Tonne Skeleton by Royal Blood always get me in the zone.

What’s been your most favourite thing about lockdown?
Well apart from my house never being cleaner probably connecting more with close relationships and friends. It sounds strange as with most people you have become more disconnected but I think it has forced you to prioritise those closest to you and to connect it ways you hadn’t before. Have also enjoyed getting through some good Netflix and Stan series and trying out local take away- “supporting local business”!  

What do you miss about training at the gym? 
For me training at the gym became so ingrained in my routine and was so important for my self care. It acted as a huge end of the day de-stress for me so it has been a struggle adapting to training from home. Of course I miss all my gym pals too but definitely don’t miss the glute driver.

Is Pepsi Max or CokeZero superior? Why?
Pepsi Max Creaming Soda. Nothing else comes close and it got me through my comp prep calorie deficit!!

If you had to eat 10,000 calories in a day with only 5 foods/drinks, which would you pick?
Pancake stack, all kinds of donuts, pizza, one of those super/freak shakes, I’ve never had one but they look like they’d be a couple of thousand calories, and all the chocolate and lollies.. can you tell I’m a sweet tooth?!