James Britton

Best lifts in competition: 182kg squat, 112kg bench, 196kg deadlift, 490kg total in junior 94s.

Coach: Jeremy Fraser

University student studying undergraduate business management & casual hospitality worker at an Italian restaurant.

What got you into Powerlifting?
I was going to the gym pretty casually for around 2 years with a couple of friends from school before I started powerlifting and I enjoyed doing that. I always preferred the strength and numbers aspect of weight training over the aesthetic/bodybuilding side. Watching powerlifters on YouTube (especially Russel Orhii) got me into basic powerlifting training and watching videos of professional meets. I then saw that there were competitions in Hobart and found Jeremy on Instagram through Declan who I went to high school with.

What’s your best lifting memory?
Watching my first powerlifting meet in person at the Raw Strength Open at the start of the year before lockdown. The energy around the lifts, especially the final deadlifts and close calls got me really excited for when I first compete. My best personal lifting memory would be my first competition which I went in recently. I had a lot of fun moments during the day but my favourite would be standing up my final squat attempt and getting three white lights with a weight that was a 15kg jump from my first squat which I got two red lights on.

What are your pre-1RM rituals?
Nothing really outside of what I would normally do for a working set. I focus on a few main cues and get some big breaths in. The main difference would be listening to one of the few songs that I have specifically for max training and real psychological arousal/intensification.

What are your favourite hype-up songs for lifting?
I mainly listen to rap and metalcore when I’m lifting, some of my favourites before a big lift are:

Gone With The Wind by Architects
Royal Beggars by Architects
Where We Go When We Die by Thornhill
Views From The Sun by Thornhill
Genesis/Scarab by Northlane
Knock Your Block Off by JME
Horrid by OFB

What was your most favourite thing about lockdown?
Being able to focus on myself a bit more in terms of getting into some better habits and routines, and also starting to set up a home gym. 

Is Pepsi Max or CokeZero superior? Why?
Both/neither/either, I’m more of an ice tea guy

If you had to eat 10,000 calories in a day with only 5 foods/drinks, which would you pick?
Nandos seriously large peri chips (chips in general)
Nandos chicken BLAT pita xtra hot
Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge ice cream
Most types of beef burgers
Chicken burritos (homemade or Zambrero)