Holly Rheinberger

Best lifts in competition: 119kg squat, 68kg bench, 130kg deadlift, 317kg total in open 72s.

Coach: Sophie Kuncio


I’m currently a student and I have almost finished a Bachelor of Laws (Hons). I also work as a family law & estates paralegal on a part-time basis.

What got you into Powerlifting?
I started dating the most handsome YOUNG SON (Daniel Hill) who introduced me to lifting and I have never looked back.

What’s your best lifting memory?
My most recent comp in March – the Raw Strength Open 2020. I went 9/9 and made PBs in every lift. The atmosphere was incredible. Also squatting 100kg for the first time was pretty incredible. 

What are your pre-1RM rituals?
I usually listen to some heavy, loud music in my headphones. I like to really focus on my breathing and how my body is feeling to nuture and grow the hype and envisage myself making the lift. Also drinking one white monster can.  

What are your favourite hype-up songs for lifting?
The song that I use every time before a 1RM is called Global Warming by Gojira. It must be played loud. Also on the list is Praise the Lord by ASAP Rocky and any song by At The Gates, Mastodon or Issues. 

What’s been your most favourite thing about lockdown?
I’ve had time to make some seriously tasty meals that I usually can’t be bothered to learn how to do. Generally just loving having more time to do things that I enjoy. I’ve finished so many books! 

What do you miss about training at the gym? 
I miss lifting heavy weights! I never want to touch a kettlebell again after lockdown. I also miss all my lifting friends who help push me through every session and keep me entertained. Can’t wait to see and hug you all again!

Is Pepsi Max or CokeZero superior? Why?
… Coke Zero is OBVIOUSLY the superior choice. It’s all in the taste. Especially if it’s in a can. I find Pepsi Max to be too artificially sweet. 

If you had to eat 10,000 calories in a day with only 5 foods/drinks, which would you pick?
Beer,  Wine, Pasta, Fried Chicken & Salt & Vinegar Chips.