Gene Miller

Best lifts in the 94s (M40-44): 198kg squat, 141kg bench, 233kg deadlift, 572kg total.

Best lifts in the 105s (open): 230kg squat, 140kg bench, 265kg deadlift, 625kg total.

Coach: Jeremy Fraser

DevOps Engineer

What got you into powerlifting?
At the Hobart airport waiting for a friend to arrive. I noticed a small group of people that appeared to all share a similar physical deformity, their movements we stiff and they shuffled as they walked, they seemed massively obese but were talking about some form of sport. I hid behind a bookshelf and overheard Wayne Howlett explain powerlifting.

What’s your best lifting memory?
First 200kg deadlift. Alone in a freezing cold warehouse, terrible form.

What are your pre-1RM rituals?
Roar like a lion.. silently.
Repeat the secret mantra.
Check my knee sleeves aren’t touching my suit.

What are your favourite hype-up songs for lifting?
Ludovico Einaudi – Night.

What’s been your most favourite thing about lockdown?
No social responsibilities.

What do you miss about training at the gym?
The roof and walls, the way they keep the rain out. Also the way the 25kg plates aren’t held together with electrical tape because they’ve rusted completely through.

Is Pepsi Max or Coke Zero superior? Why?
Never tried either, are they good? Just drink coffee and shuddup.

If you had to eat 10,000 calories in a day with only 5 foods/drinks, which would you pick?
Osso Bucco
Sourdough bread
Maple syrup