Hobart Powerlifting Club aims to increase exposure and accessibility to drug-tested powerlifting as a sport: to Hobart and the greater region.

It fosters a proud yet supportive group whose shared interest is self improvement in both physical and emotional continuums through training, competition, and community.

Hobart Powerlifting Club Inc. was formed mid 2019 by co-founders Daniel Reardon and Jeremy Fraser. Our aims are to increase public exposure to powerlifting locally and get more lifters involved in competing. This will be achieved through frequent competitions, workshops, and the ability to provide guidance to new, potential, and existing club members. We ensure a fun, supportive community, productive in improving the livelihood of participants. Our community ranges from juniors to masters (14-80+), which creates an inclusive environment with a focus on self-improvement.

Our club’s actions stand by the following values:

Accessibility – learning about our club and operations is easy, with communication to the club committee encouraged and easy for club members and potential members.

Integrity – our actions are transparent and fair, and we prioritise honesty between members of the committee and club.

Professionalism – we uphold high standards of professionalism not only in competition events, but in support of new and existing members, and the local representation of Powerlifting Australia Ltd.

Respect – our club treats members with respect and as equals, and our communication with other clubs is treated respectfully.

Guidance – guidance of new and existing club members is of utmost priority, to ensure a fun, supportive community productive in improving the livelihood of members.

Location and affiliation:

We are located at GTT Performance Centre, 27 Elizabeth Street Hobart.