What is powerlifting? 

Powerlifting is a sport where you complete three main lifts: the squat, bench press and deadlift in that order. Each lift you complete three times, with the goal being to lift as much as possible on each of the final third attempts.

What in terms of registration and gear do I need to compete?

To compete in a Hobart Powerlifting Club competition, you will need to be registered with Powerlifting Australia.

To compete you will also need a soft suit, t-shirt covering your shoulders and appropriate footwear. There are several other pieces of gear which are not compulsory but commonly used to assist with lifting. These include:

·         Knee sleeves

·         Wrist wraps

·         Lifting belt

·         Different shoes dependent on your body mechanics. i.e. lifter shoes.

These are certainly not needed for your first competition but speak with a coach to find out what might assist you! 

How much preparation time do I need for a powerlifting competition?

If you are someone with experience in the three main lifts then anywhere from 4-8 weeks is plenty of preparation time.

Do I need a coach?

It is recommended that you get a coach for on the day of competition and in the lead up. In the lead up to competition your coach will provide you with a program to follow so that you can lift as much as possible on competition day! You might also choose to have in person sessions with a coach, this will assist you to refine your technique and become familiar with expectations and rules on competition day. HPC has two experienced, friendly and dedicated coaches- Jeremy Fraser and Sophie Kuncio who we recommend you get in contact with.

Do I have to be able to lift a certain amount of weight?

No! That is the beauty of powerlifting, the goal is to always lift as much as you possibly can. Can you already squat 70-80kg? Then chances are you’ll be squatting 100kg in no time! Even the most experienced powerlifters started somewhere. Try not to focus on what others are lifting but on improving your own numbers.   

Why should I give powerlifting a go?

Building physical strength, confidence in and out of the gym, having fun, creating friendships and being part of a great community are some of the main reasons Hobart Powerlifting Club members love powerlifting!   


You must familiarise yourself with competition day rules which can be found here Rules of Competition – Powerlifting Australia, alternatively chatting with a coach can fast track this process.