Hobart Powerlifting Club Committee 

Jeremy Fraser
President and Head Coach

Jeremy got into powerlifting in 2014 when a friend of his invited him to do a competition that he was doing. He grew a love for the sport alongside a growing community, and between 2014-2019 he has competed in thirteen competitions in New Zealand and Australia, most notably in 2016 the Asia/Oceania Championships where he was 2nd in the 66kg Junior Class. He has been a national record holder in the squat (172.5kg), deadlift (215kg), and total (495kg) in the 66kg Junior class between 2016-2018 in the NZPF.

Jeremy’s passion for nutrition and exercise science led him to study at Massey University, New Zealand, where between 2011-2015 he completed a Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition and Exercise and Sports Science), A BSc (Hons) in Exercise and Sports Science, and a MSc in Exercise and Sports Science, with his thesis topic being “A comparison between a traditionally periodised programme and a load-autoregulated programme on maximal strength gain in the squat, bench press, and deadlift, in weight trained males” – So essentially a powerlifting study!

In 2014 Jeremy started to coach his friends in powerlifting and bodybuilding, on a “casual” basis until 2015 where he branded his business, Catalyst Strength and Physique Coaching. This was run solely online until 2016 when he moved to Hobart, Tasmania and started working his business out of a gym (Stomp Fitness until late 2017, and now GTT Performance Centre) as well as online, and he has worked with 100s of clients with varying goals, mostly bodybuilding or powerlifting related.

Jeremy now primarily focuses on coaching powerlifters, and has worked with over 38 competitive powerlifters alone. Most of these he guided through their first competition. Growing the lifting community and amount of people competing in powerlifting is one of Jeremy’s biggest passions.

High level client achievements:

– Jasmine Knowles in 2014 in NZPF – national squat record in the 57kg Junior Class and 2nd at nationals in her 1st year of competing. Jasmine more recently came 3rd in the 58kg Open Class at Powerlifting Australia Championships 2019.

– Robyn Hall, 2017 Oceania champion in the 63kg Junior Class and 3rd place in the 63kg Junior Class at NZPF Nationals 2017.

– Rachel Sinclair, 2015 NZPF champion in the 57kg Open Class.

– Damien Singer, 3rd place in the 74kg Open Class at NZPF Nationals 2018 and 2019.

– Deb Proud, 2nd place in the 72kg M1 Class at PA Nationals 2018.

– Daniel Reardon, 3nd place in the 120kg+ Open Class at PA Nationals 2019.

– Esther Cawthorn, 2nd place in the 100kg+ M45-49 Class at PA Nationals 2019.


Jeremy’s favourite lift is the deadlift.

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Daniel Hill
Vice President

Daniel began powerlifting in late 2016 after developing a love for lifting that began as a hobby. After seeking guidance from Jeremy Fraser from Catalyst Strength and Physique Coaching, he competed at his first powerlifting competition where he took silver in the 85kg weight class. Since this time, Daniel has continued lifting and has competed in six meets. His experience in powerlifting has been overwhelmingly positive and moving forward he wants to give back to the community that has supported him for the last few years.

Daniel is a passionate and focused lifter with a deep appreciation for the sport. He hopes to become a powerlifting coach in the future and give other new lifters guidance and support.

Outside of powerlifting, Daniel is a secondary highschool teacher, musician and guitar tutor. He hopes to apply his knowledge of teaching and learning into HPC.

Daniel’s favourite lift is the squat.

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James Britton

James began powerlifting training with coach Jeremy Fraser at the start of 2020 after weight training generally with friends for a couple of years. James has since competed in three competitions in the 94kg and 105kg classes. 

James has found many benefits from powerlifting, including an increased sense of purpose, increased learning about his mentality and how to improve it, and new friends within the community. 

James is studying at the University of Tasmania where he is completing a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in Management. He is looking to bring his skills learned in this course to the role of the Club’s Treasurer. 

James’ favourite lift is the squat. 


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Caitlin Reardon
Caitlin began powerlifting training in mid 2020 after being introduced to the sport and encouraged to join by her older brother. Having been a member of Team Training for almost 2 years, she was looking forward to focusing more of her time on weight training. 
Caitlin competed in her first powerlifting competition in December 2020 and was pleasantly surprised with her lifting capability and how much she enjoyed the day. From then on, she was hooked.
Through powerlifting, Caitlin has learned that anything is possible with hard work and consistency. Powerlifting has helped improve her self confidence and provided her with a sense of belonging in the community.
Outside of powerlifting, Caitlin is a Human Resources professional. 
Caitlin’s favourite lift is the squat.
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Sophie Kuncio

Sophie found powerlifting in 2016 when searching for a change in training focus and when she stumbled across coach Jeremy Fraser, they knew it was going to be a good fit. With several years of prior weight training experience, the transition was very rewarding and three years on she now has seven successful competitions under her belt, a tonne of experience and a great love for this sport that we know as powerlifting.

Sophie has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and in finding powerlifting she also found a new element addition to her own coaching portfolio. Owner of her flourishing business, Health Vibrations, Sophie is continually growing her community of strong women and men in her small group personal training space, as well as one on one personal training and coaching.

As her love for all things lifting grows; Sophie is coaching lifters looking to get into powerlifting, especially females. Sophie is now a certified Powerlifting Australia Coach Level 1 (2019) and a driven advocate for supporting females in this space at any level.

“Powerlifting changed my life” Sophie says, “at almost 30 years old I was feeling lost in my own training journey and was searching for more purpose and return; powerlifting gave me that and so much more. Powerlifting has helped me find strength I never knew I had, not just physically but also mentally”. Sophie can’t wait share her love for powerlifting with the Hobart community as a coach and as a mentor to women who want to feel strong, confident and empowered in their life.

Some of Sophie’s biggest achievements in this space include:

  • Best Female Lifter for the day at three competitions
  • First place in the 64kg class in six competitions
  • Competing at the Australian National Championships in 2019 (Fourth place in the 64kg class)
  • Hitting 400 WILKS at her last powerlifting meet
  • Coaching five lifters at the Festival of Strength in Tasmania in 2019.
  • Supporting women finding fulfilment in weight training
  • Continuing the exposure of powerlifting in Hobart

Sophie’s favourite lift is the deadlift – in her last competition she achieved a personal best of 173kg at 63kg body weight.

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Ruby Frankcombe
Committee Member

Ruby began powerlifting in late 2019 and had been weight training with her coach Sophie from Health Vibrations since about 2016.

After competing in her first competition in September 2019 Ruby became hooked and hasn’t stopped doing powerlifting specific training since. Ruby’s favourite powerlifting moment has been deadlifting 164kg in the HPC open to take home best female.

Powerlifting has bought many things to Ruby’s life including; health, new friendships, community and belonging and confidence in and outside of the gym.

Outside of powerlifting Ruby works in the Child, Youth and Families community service sector as an Operations Manager and is currently studying a graduate certificate of business.

Ruby’s favourite lift is the deadlift and hopes to lift 180kg by 30!

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Esther Cawthorn
Committee Member

Esther started powerlifting in January 2019 after doing team training at GTT in Hobart.

Esther watched another team training member commence training with Jeremy Fraser and decided to give it a go as well. She started sessions, and after the second session Jeremy mentioned an upcoming competition. Esther jumped in boots and all and hasn’t looked back since.

Esther has now competed in 10 powerlifting competitions and says that powerlifting is pivotal for both her mental and physical health. It has brought out a confidence to show the real her. She has met many amazing people and formed friendships within Hobart Powerlifting Club and the greater powerlifting community.

Powerlifting has given Esther so much that she values the opportunity to be able to give back.

Outside of powerlifting, Esther is a mum of 4 adult children. She works with Youth at Risk and forms a rapport with many of them when they hear about her powerlifting.

Esther’s favourite lift is bench, and she is aiming to bench 75-80kg by the end of November 2022.